Why Choose an Endodontist?

Why Choose an Endodontist?

If you have a tooth that's causing you severe pain or have been told you need root canal therapy, you may be referred to an endodontist or told your situation requires the skills of a specialist. While expert care is something everyone wants, you may be wondering if such a level of care is necessary or worthwhile. At Absolute Endodontics, we understand the thought behind these questions and want to help you understand why seeing an endodontist could be the right choice for you.

Our team strives to be patient-focused and honest throughout our treatment and interactions. You can count on us to provide open conversation and objective answers to your question based on decades of training and experience. We'll help you understand the complexity of your situation, the available treatment options, and what you can expect when you choose our practice. We're happy to provide you with the information you need to make a confident decision about your dental treatment. Find out more about what we can do for you by contacting us and scheduling a consultation today.


How Is an Endodontist Different From a Dentist?

An endodontist is a dental specialist whose primary focus is on caring for the inner tooth and tooth roots. While both dentists and endodontists receive training in treatments such as root canal therapy and extractions, an endodontist takes an additional two years of training. This expertise affords them a deeper understanding of the tooth structure and the ability to adapt and provide necessary treatment even in complex cases. They also understand how to use more advanced technology and cutting-edge techniques to provide elevated care.

Why Do I Need an Endodontist for a Root Canal Treatment?

It's no surprise that visiting a specialist comes with numerous benefits for your oral and overall health. When you choose our endodontist to treat your damaged or decayed tooth, you can expect:

Experienced Care: While dentists practice a wide range of treatments to deliver comprehensive care, an endodontist is focused on one specific area of treatment. This means that you will receive help from someone who performs the procedure on a daily basis and is equipped to handle any complications that may arise.

Innovative Treatments: An endodontist is continuously keeping up with new discoveries and advancements in techniques and dental technology. Expanding knowledge means that our endodontist can better tailor treatments to your unique needs.

Effective Pain Management: An infected or broken tooth can be quite a painful experience, but root canal therapy doesn't have to be. An endodontist can use specialized techniques to keep treatment comfortable, even if you normally have difficulty staying numb. We'll use a combination of local anesthetics and dental sedation according to your needs. This will make treatment easier for you and help you find relief from your dental pain sooner.

A Team Effort: Visiting an endodontist doesn't have to mean that your care will be limited. We can coordinate with your regular dentist for different aspects of your treatment, such as designing the crown placed on your tooth after root canal therapy. We'll gain a thorough understanding of your oral health and medical history to provide more effective treatment, and you'll have peace of mind knowing that you have a skilled team to promote your oral health long-term.

What Can an Endodontist Treat?

why choose an endodontist in IndianapolisSpecializing in the care of tooth roots and surrounding bone and tissue, an endodontist is best known for providing root canal therapy. However, this is not the only treatment we can provide. Our endodontist can provide retreatments for teeth that have had a failed root canal treatment or which have become reinfected. We also provide apicoectomies, which can treat an infection of the root without requiring the tooth pulp to be removed.

The goal of endodontics is to do everything possible to save the natural tooth. In the unfortunate event that your tooth cannot be saved, we'll provide gentle extraction to protect your overall health. Our endodontist can also provide dental implant placement, giving you the closest replacement for a real tooth and helping you preserve your bite and prevent jaw bone loss.

Do I Need a Specialist?

While receiving advanced care offers benefits in any situation, there are circumstances where it might also be necessary. You may require the expertise of an endodontist if:

  • Your tooth has a complex root structure
  • The tooth is severely broken or decayed
  • You need a retreatment for a tooth that has had root canal therapy before
  • You or your child needs an apicoectomy
  • Your dentist has referred you to a specialist
  • You have difficulty staying numb during treatment
  • You struggle with dental anxiety

Receive the Specialized Endodontic Care You Deserve

An endodontist has much more to offer than you might expect. At Absolute Endodontics, we're committed to providing you with exceptional care that will protect your teeth and restore your smile. Whether you need care for an infected or broken tooth, you can count on us to do everything possible to save your tooth and keep you feeling safe and comfortable during your treatment. If you're looking for a trusted endodontist in Indianapolis, schedule your visit with our experienced endodontist today.